Service & Support

Air-conditioning systems need regular & timely maintenance for effective results:

With proper and timely maintenance, air-conditioning systems can retain their efficiency and increase product life. If products are not maintained and serviced, they not only have shorter life span but also increase power consumption.

We encourage our buyers to call us for maintenance and servicing of their air conditioning systems.

Services provided

Amba Motors is one of the most trusted and professional Air-conditioning dealers in Northern India. Our services focus on providing our customers the most comprehensive range of products for their needs. Our aim is for you to have an energy efficient system that makes the indoor experience comfortable and delightful for you.

Amba Motors service contract includes the following services:

Trained Personnel Visit: Our teams of experienced and trained engineer visit the premises for servicing.

Priority Service: We take all service requests and issues very seriously and make it a top priority

Preventive Maintenance: We also provide the timely servicing and routine maintenance as per company policies.

Genuine Parts: It goes without saying that all are spare parts and replacements are 100% genuine.

Extended Life: We assure our customers more efficient and durable products after proper care and timely service.